Warm greetings to all who have found their way to this site. This site will serve as home to my spoken-word readings of certain compelling written works regarding Spirituality/Occultism, as well as my own writings on the subject.

I seek to read these masterworks in the Spirit of their writers. It is my personal opinion that certain of the existing readings lack that “Something” which breathes life into the words and serves to better communicate the truths that they contain.

I shall also, from time to time, offer my personal interpretations and experiences regarding the subject material, as well as share with you certain truths that I have uncovered on my own path.

I reserve complete freedom in my timing, choice, order and style of reading, as well as in any supplemental art that may accompany it.

It is my hope and intention that these works shall well-serve those whose paths have led them here.

-A. Cain