The Thinker’s Questionnaire

Am I modifying my thoughts and actions to fit within the confines of someone else’s ideas and desires without questioning the reason why?

Do I believe that their conceptions, whatever they may be, are superior to mine?

Have I molded my life around the opinion and viewpoint of some other expression of life, embodied or not, and consequently discounted my own equally valid and powerful perspective, as well as shelved my own desires and stunted my latent potentials?

Am I a product of my default external conditions and environment and the experience resulting therefrom, or do I seek, think and create for myself?

Do I follow the slow and steady train of Science, or have I seen that Science constantly changes its mind, supplants its own ideas, and declares things both true and false at the same time? Can I read between those lines?

Will I wait until my accepted authorities say something is possible before I start to truly consider it? Or will I be my own authority and understand that the very nature of infinity makes everything possible right this second, and that all it takes to begin to call it forth is my attention to it?

Will I consciously evolve, or will I let the minds and beliefs of others lead and limit my thought and consequently constrict my limitless potentials?

Haven’t I been endowed with the life and the power to create and think BEYOND what has already been created? Don’t I have the power to think beyond what is?

Isn’t the current state of affairs simply the stepping stone to the realization of greater and grander evolution?

Do I look around, see what is there and confine my thoughts within it? Or do I look around, see what is there, and understand that I can dream beyond it?

Do I believe that my consciousness is a product of the scientific conceptions of matter and energy, a coincidence or accident? Or do I understand that “matter” and “energy” are words used to describe ideas which sprung from observations, which observations could not exist outside of consciousness?

Thought creates desire and desire perpetuates thought. They are two sides of the same coin and they act upon each other. Thought and desire are the cause of ALL change, ALL action, ALL evolution, ALL advancement, and the realization of ALL potential, whatever it may be. We can consciously select the direction of our personal experience and our personal evolution because we have the WILL to consciously direct our thought. We are only limited by our highest conception of self and the thoughts we keep thinking (also known as beliefs). As many wise writers have said and written “There is nothing you cannot be, do or have.” and “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

-A. Cain

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