Establishing an Unrestricted Foundation of Creative Activity

All opinions and viewpoints are powered by the CONVICTION, or CONFIDENCE that is instilled within them by their creator or else by those who believe in them. They are mental things that increase in power and intensity in proportion to the strength of the confidence upon which they stand.

Looking back on history we see that the behaviors and ideas that are considered accepted change incessantly depending upon what VIEWPOINT is established in that particular society, at that precise time. These things are inconstant. The very fact that they change is proof that their validity must depend upon something deeper and more fundamental. And that something is the IDEAS, or MENTAL PATTERNS prevailing at the time. It shows that any one mode of behavior is not to be considered more or less right, worthy or desirable than another in an absolute sense. It is a simple result of the strength of the ideas being held at the time, which ideas were set into motion by some strong thinker and his will–a product of VOLITION or INTENT. It is simply the result of the strength of the conviction, belief or confidence behind the idea that churns and mixes it into the tangible something that we call physical reality.

When we understand that ideas are simply tools and that we need not be attached to them, we can begin to understand that we can change them, no matter how real, solid and unchangeable the reality we are experiencing seems. This strength of illusion becomes weaker with every thought offered to the contrary, and while the change may be imperceptible to us at first, if we persist we will witness the entire field of our minds alter to bring into reality the intent being instilled within it by our will. However, if we stand attached to the idea of the reality that is currently before us at this moment in time, believing that it is an unchangeable, ultimate reality or idea, and that WE, THE IDEA MAKERS are bound and beholden to this idea, we will find it very difficult to instill CONFIDENCE into any new idea that seeks to change the status quo in a significant way.

Understanding our superiority over all ideas and understanding that ideas exist because they were willed into being and realizing that we may create new ideas and will them into being, no matter what ideas already exist, gives us power. When we understand this and are not tying ourselves to any one mode of reality, we may see the power of ideation as a tool to be used, and we may direct the direction of its forces.

When the mind thinks, it compels its surroundings to cooperate. It sends out waves in all directions, that influence the minds of others and cause them to begin to think the same thoughts. All thoughts take form in action. The CONFIDENCE in our thought is the indication of our UNDERSTANDING that we have the power to mold reality, that our bodies and minds are the tools through which we create in this environment.

The CONFIDENCE is the indication of the POWER of the idea. CONFIDENCE and EXPECTATION is simply the understanding that we are the idea makers. Our ideas do not require the approval of ideas that came before and are already established. Our ideas may uproot existing ideas and consequently effect change in the underlying instruction governing our experience.

When we understand this, we may begin to hammer away at our minds to compel them to send out strong, confident, conviction-filled ideas towards the ends we desire.

Therefore, we see that the MASTERY, or dis-identification of OURSELVES with IDEAS yields to us MASSIVE powers of influence.

We mold the mind by compelling it to think in a certain way, even if it may be difficult. We persist, and as we do, new connections, new constructions, and the removal of old, limiting structures take place. Realizing our dominion over the mind, we will be able to overcome its resistance, or the perceived difficulty in holding an idea of reality that is not currently being reflected back to us in the form of physical experience. We must insist that the mind obey and hold firmly the images and ideas we desire to instill within it. Once we get the mind’s engines running in our desired direction, it will continue to move in this direction by reason of the momentum we have built through our willpower and intent.

The mind is surrounded by a sea of idea, and the sea of idea affects it to a greater or lesser degree, and, by reason of the sea’s influence, slowly begins to cause the mind to vibrate with its idea. If we identify ourselves with our minds, then we will find ourselves acting in accord with the prevailing waves in this sea of thought and ideas, and not quite know how we came to feel a certain way.

We may say we feel one way or another, that we are happy, sad, angry or active as the case may be. And as we discover that in saying and dwelling in this idea our minds really begin to reflect it, and being IDENTIFIED with the mind, we will be powerless to change. In such a case we would blame fate, or luck, or some person or circumstance and brood in our sorrows, believing that if our mind is overtaken with such an idea, that WE, OURSELVES are overtaken with such an idea. We lose sight of the fact that we are the creators of these ideas, that they depend upon us for their existence. We succumb to the sea of thought without even knowing it. However, when we once realize our dominance over the mind, we will NOTICE this influence, and KNOW IT FOR WHAT IT IS, rather than BECOME A REFLECTION OF IT.

When we know ourselves, we will perceive this influence on our mind and can begin to rise above it and radiate our ideas, our reality, rather than perceiving this hi-jacking influence as ourselves, and consequently changing our actions.

Being engrossed in the mind and believing ourselves to be identical with its states, we cannot then effect change in and of ourselves, but must wait for the thought-form of some strong, positive thinker, or the happening of some positive event in our lives to influence our mind into a more lofty, joyous and energetic state of being. When we understand that we need not wait for such events to occur, and that we are capable of generating ideas, and realizing any state of mind to be but the result of such a generated idea, we begin to see that WE, OURSELVES are the something that compels action, and we see mental resistance as but momentum that we need simply quell by the introduction and firm holding of the ideas we choose.

The idea we hold is the blueprint of reality, and reality manifests in the shape of the blueprint by reason of the blueprint’s very existence. The birth of an idea creates a vacuum that must then fill in with reality, because we gave it reality when we conceived of it. It existed in our minds, and as our minds are in reality, all within them must be in reality as well. We see that the mind can create new ideas and thus create new reality. Read over this paragraph a number of times—the weight of the message contained within often does not hit its mark on the first read.

It being understood that there is a sea of mind all around us which is fraught with ideas, we understand that when we begin to change ideas, or emit new ones, we encounter the resistance of this sea. At this point we experience DOUBT, and LOW CONFIDENCE in our idea, and may begin to feel as it if is useless to try. But, knowing ourselves, we understand that this is simply the PRESSURE OF THE SEA. We know that if we but keep our minds at work, we will establish our own whirlpool in this sea, and become the influencer rather than the influenced. We know this doubt for what it is and know that all we must do is keep our minds focused, and remember that WE ARE CREATIVE CENTERS OF FORCE, and have the POWER to CREATE. Remembering this FACT will fill our ideas with power and might, and as we keep our thought focused we will quickly overpower and dispel the inharmonious waters around us, and will establish our own center, around which all else will revolve in our experience, rather than be swept along on the waves of the will of another.

We must NOTICE the outside influence working upon us. NOTICE the pressure and be not anxious nor afraid, for in our notice of it, it has lost all of its power. We have then returned as the guardian and master of our minds, against which nothing has power.

Recognizing these influences as but the waves in the sea, they lose all fright for us. We then stand firm at the gate of our castle, and nothing may overpower our intent.

We are the masters of our minds, but if we believe that its feelings, emotions, states and beliefs are OURSELVES, we will be powerless against them and will act in accordance with them because we do not realize our true position. And, since the mind can be influenced by will and confident ideas sent into the sea, and since there exists those of strong will, if we identify ourselves with our minds, we are NOT FREE, but CONTROLLED, and COMPELLED, unknowingly.

Realizing our independence of the mind, then realizing our true nature in will, we may be the influencer instead of the influenced.

All action, all reality, all things, are subordinate to IDEA, and EXIST BECAUSE OF IDEA.

We must send out our strong, positive, powerful, confident thoughts if we would be joyous and truly free. We must pierce through doubt, knowing it to be but the natural pressure of the sea, and we must create the whirlpool of our own influence.


Create the mental image and keep all other mental chatter quiet. Make the image and worry not about when, how or why your image will come about. Worry of these things splits focus and slows down results if not preventing them altogether. The mind need not have the personality section understand its activities in consciousness—this is not required.

All consideration of the mode of delivery of your idea is futile and counter-productive. To ease your mind’s questioning, consider this reasoning: These things do not matter. The image will make itself. When you let your mind ask these questions, and it doesn’t know the answer, the reasoning mind introduces doubt, or thought in the opposite direction of your desire. In its uncertainty it remains impressionable to the strong waves of the surrounding sea of mentation. Realize that the answers to the above questions are not required, and pursuit of them carries you far from your desire.

Create the vivid image. All else will fill in around it. The image is the shape of the cup submerged in the water. Reality is the water—let it fill the mold.

-A. Cain

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