Chapter 1 of Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World

This is my reading of the first chapter in “Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World” written by William Walker Atkinson in 1906.
It is necessary to remove at least a fair degree of doubt from the mind regarding the validity of The Law of Attraction, that the truths to follow may be more readily and hospitably welcomed by their minds. A large step in the conscious use of this law for “legitimate and worthy purposes” is at least a moderate degree of belief in its power.

Introduction to Ark Cain

Warm greetings to all who have found their way to this site. This site will serve as home to my spoken-word readings of certain compelling written works regarding Spirituality/Occultism, as well as my own writings on the subject.

I seek to read these masterworks in the Spirit of their writers. It is my personal opinion that certain of the existing readings lack that “Something” which breathes life into the words…