The Walls of Reality

And it was at this point that I was left thinking about all the time that I had wasted. All the seconds, minutes and hours that I spent doing nothing. Spent waiting. Spent viewing the future as the solution to the present. It was then that I realized that I should have spent all of this time learning, growing, evolving. But I had been too lost. Too lost in what I believed was thought. Too lost to even realize that I was lost at all… My mind jumping from one thing to another in a never-ending circle of chatter and misdirection.

I remember being submerged in the illusion… When I didn’t realize that I wasn’t really alive at all.

The Thinker’s Questionnaire

Am I modifying my thoughts and actions to fit within the confines of someone else’s ideas and desires without questioning the reason why?

Do I believe that their conceptions, whatever they may be, are superior to mine?

Have I molded my life around the opinion and viewpoint of some other expression of life, embodied or not, and consequently discounted my own equally valid and powerful perspective, as well as shelved my own desires and stunted my latent potentials?