Establishing an Unrestricted Foundation of Creative Activity

All opinions and viewpoints are powered by the CONVICTION, or CONFIDENCE that is instilled within them by their creator or else by those who believe in them. They are mental things that increase in power and intensity in proportion to the strength of the confidence upon which they stand.

Looking back on history we see that the behaviors and ideas that are considered accepted change incessantly depending upon what VIEWPOINT is established in that particular society, at that precise time. These things are inconstant. The very fact that they change is proof that their validity depends upon the IDEAS of the time. It shows that any one mode of behavior is not to be considered more or less right, worthy or desirable than another in an absolute sense. It is a simple result of the strength of the ideas being held at the time, which ideas were set into motion by some strong thinker and his will–a product of VOLITION or INTENT. It is simply the result of the strength of the conviction, belief or confidence behind the idea that churns and mixes it into the tangible something that we call physical reality.

The Thinker’s Questionnaire

Am I modifying my thoughts and actions to fit within the confines of someone else’s ideas and desires without questioning the reason why?

Do I believe that their conceptions, whatever they may be, are superior to mine?

Have I molded my life around the opinion and viewpoint of some other expression of life, embodied or not, and consequently discounted my own equally valid and powerful perspective, as well as shelved my own desires and stunted my latent potentials?