The Thinker’s Questionnaire

Am I modifying my thoughts and actions to fit within the confines of someone else’s ideas and desires without questioning the reason why?

Do I believe that their conceptions, whatever they may be, are superior to mine?

Have I molded my life around the opinion and viewpoint of some other expression of life, embodied or not, and consequently discounted my own equally valid and powerful perspective, as well as shelved my own desires and stunted my latent potentials?

Introduction to Ark Cain

Warm greetings to all who have found their way to this site. This site will serve as home to my spoken-word readings of certain compelling written works regarding Spirituality/Occultism, as well as my own writings on the subject.

I seek to read these masterworks in the Spirit of their writers. It is my personal opinion that certain of the existing readings lack that “Something” which breathes life into the words…